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With a professional career that spans more than two decades, Barrington Scott Henderson aka "Bo" seemed destined for a career in song from his early youth. Born in Washington, PA and raised in LA in a musical family, his first exposure to music would come from his mother Joyce, a jazz vocalist who has performed with many jazz greats including "Miles Davis" and "Cannonball Adderly." Joyce came to realize that her son shared the same passion for music at an early age. By age five, he learned to play several different instruments. During his high school years, Bo formed his first group as he continued to perfect his singing as well as developing his songwriting skills.

Bo's professional career began in the eighties, with an R&B group, the Dramatics. Later Bo joined Lakeside. He was featured on several albums, notably Lakeside's greatest hits "Power" and "Party patrol" which featured a ballad single entitled "Bulls eye." On a project with Phil Perry "One Heart, One Love" Bo's song entitled "I'm Sorry" was featured. In nineteen ninety-eight, he joined the Temptations and debuted on the album "Phoenix Rising" which went double platinum and featured him on lead vocals. The follow up album "Ear-Resistible" earned a Grammy and proved to be rewarding. The current album "Awesome" garners some of Bo's compositions simply entitled, "My Baby."

To work on his solo career, Bo recently made his departure from The Temptations to debut his new CD "Best Kept Secret." He now offers a multi-faceted live show that is geared to tantalize audiences throughout the United States and Abroad. Do not miss the chance to catch the show and hear music at its best. Bo's future goals include songwriting, producing, working with various artists and having his own label.

10 ~ The Dramatics ~ Power ~ Lakeside
The Woman I Am ~ Cherrelle ~ I'm Jus A Man ~ Larry Springfield
Party Patrol ~ Lakeside ~ Love & Other Obsessions ~ Spyro Gyra
Stand By Your Man ~ Benny Mardones ~ Step Into Our Life ~ Roy Ayers
Samantha Cole ~ Samantha Cole ~ One Heart, One Love ~ Phil Perry
Phoenix Rising ~ The Temptations ~ Ear-Resistible ~ The Temptations
Consider This ~ Roger Smith ~ Awesome ~ The Temptations


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